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Transcend time and space, pursue legendary heroes. You can use card NFTs inspired by world-renowned heroes to your heart's content in the game, making the heroes shine again in your hands! The first batch of legendary heroes' card packs will soon be available for pre-sale!


These immortal armaments make the heroes well-known on the battlefield carry the glory. Equip your warriors with NFTs of famous heroes' armaments. Will you freely mix and match these legendary armaments, or treasure them as immortal NFT?


Inspired by ancient wisdom, each strategy card NFT is designed to represent an elaborate tactic. With it integrating into your wisdom, you are available to send heroes to the battle at the moment, so that achieve your pinnacle battle.

pre-sale cards

Limited-time limited supply, never to be increased.

pre-sale cards

Earn money from free trading.

pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards

Higher reward distribution ratio.

pre-sale cards

Participate in more championship.

pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards
pre-sale cards

Explore the universe of a dream world called "Xiaoyao Yuan", where legendary heroes take the form of NFT cards, leading Challenger, to create a new legendary story!
Collect NFT hero cards, strengthen your power, and build an unbeatable deck. Fight against other challengers and battle against the guardians of Xiaoyao Yuan!
Roam through countless classic epic battles in this adventurous journey, and reap your glory and rewards!

Not about fighting power, only about brainpower

There's no upgrading or synthesizing combat power system here, only strategy to determine victory!

All the cards you received directly construct your highest combat power, no need to repeatedly draw the same card to improve combat power!

Save more time and money, and return to enjoy the fun of card strategy battles!

Countless construction, limitless creativity

Use hero cards, equipment cards, and strategy cards from different eras and regions.

Fulfill realize your infinite potential, and build a unique deck.

Constantly participate in battles, master various gameplay and tactics, and earn NFT bonuses in a variety of particular competitions.

Relaxed and Enjoyable to Play

Relaxing matches within three minutes, play anytime and anywhere.

Get online easily during commutes, meeting breaks, and social gatherings.

Supports mobile, web, and tablet logins, play, and earn anytime.

Free trading anytime, anywhere

With blockchain technology, you have full ownership of your in-game items.

Trade cards with players worldwide in the game market anytime and anywhere.

Free trading helps you collect cards faster and earn your first profits in the game faster.

Earn Abundant Rewards
by Gaming Abilities

Participate in various tournament activities to earn various limited-edition card NFTs, tokens (SLC & SLG), and generous gaming prizes. In the future, you can also engage in customizing collectible card NFTs, making your investment portfolio more diverse and enjoyable!

genesis card genesis card
At present

Official website launch, content unveiling

Community Establishment, Users' accumulation

Contract deployment, cooperation announcement

At present

First batch of card pack pre-sale

Global marketing campaign launch

Community events initiation

At present

Alpha test

Card marketplace

Continuously marketing social media

Sell the second batch of cards

Promoter system

At present

Free trial availability

Consumption Token implementation for in-game rewards

Listing of consumption tokens on exchange

Hold the first tournament

Introduce industry cooperation

Sell the third batch of cards

Mobile App version launch

At present

New tournaments additions

Derivative NFT of cards

Card Upgrade system

Initial governance token offering on exchanges

Add the governance token staking mechanics

Sell the fourth batch of cards

At present

Additional tournaments

Add Guild system

Increase governance token consumption


Earn with Strategy

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Cai Wenji

Cai Wenji was a female literary figure during the Eastern Han dynasty, and she was the daughter of the literary scholar Cai Yong. From a young age, she was intelligent and eager to learn, excelling in various arts such as music, calligraphy, and poetry. In her short life, she created a large number of outstanding poems and musical compositions, earning her the reputation of a "talented woman." Cai Wenji was not only highly gifted but also possessed a strong sense of patriotism. Many of her works, such as "Longing for Distant Loved Ones" and "The Partridge Sky," continue to be widely celebrated and admired to this day.